BTF is part of the AIDA-2020 project in the EC Horizon 2020 Framework Program, WP15 (JRA3) – Upgrade of the beam and irradiation tests infrastructure.



BTF is part of the ASI-ENEA-INFN agreement ASIF-ASI Supported Irradiation Facilities



The DAFNE Beam-Test Facility (BTF) is a beam transfer line designed for the optimized, stochastical production of single electrons/positrons for detector calibration purposes, or the extraction of the DAFNE LINAC electron/positron beam.

Beam characteristics (spot size, divergence, momentum resolution), are strongly depended by multiplicity (number of particles/spill) and energy requested. Energy range, pulse duration, beam intensity and duty cycle can be limited by DAFNE collider operation.



From 2019, a second beam-line (BTF-2) will be available to the users with similar parameters, but maximum 106 particles/s and energy limited by the selected momentum on the BTF-1 line.

Aerial video by E. Ripiccini


BTF Schedule and Beam Request

Schedule 2019 (draft): Online DB


Beam-time request

New requests for September-December (after the summer shut-down), will be evaluated by the Users Committee in June.


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Documentation needed to access BTF at LNF

Safety briefing for BTF Users (pdf)

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13th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC22) 2022

12th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC21) 2021

10th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC) 2021

9th Beam Telescopes and Test Beams Workshop (BTTB) 2021

7th Beam Telescopes and Test Beams Workshop (BTTB) 2020

1st BTF Users Workshop 2014

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B. Buonomo (Technical Coordinator) D. Di Giovenale C. Di Giulio L. Foggetta (Scientific  Coordinator)



M. R. Ferrazza, M. Giabbai, V. Rosicarelli, G. Vinicola