Electronics & Diagnostics

Measurements of the charged particle beam parameters in a particle accelerator (charge, energy, transverse / longitudinal position, and size among the fundamental), are provided by a whole of electronic devices which are generally indicated as beam diagnostic instrumentation. They are designed to detect, collect and analyze electromagnetic beam signals emitted directly or by interaction with dedicated vacuum chamber components.

The SELCED Group of the Accelerator Division is responsible for the design, development, production, installation and management of beam diagnostic systems of the accelerators under LNF supervision.

Activities undertaken in the group to realize each different measurement system include: study and analysis of the required beam measurements technique; design, simulation, and test of accelerator components; design, assembling and testing of analog and digital custom electronics; software development of data acquisition systems from low level devices; system engineering and installation in the accelerator. Technical support is provided for maintaining beam instrumentation systems and, in addition, for high voltage pulsed RF magnets and hardware of accelerator timing systems.

Personnel from the group provide support to accelerator operation on a shift work basis and/or collaborate to activities for machine commissioning, optimization or fault investigation.

Dedicated technical areas for hardware testing and assembling are located in the LNF building num. 2.

Contact person: Angelo Stella, angelo.stella@lnf.infn.it, tel. (+39) 069403 – 2931