The Laser Group is in charge of the laser systems installed in the Accelerator Division and in particular the high power (1 – 300TW) Ti:Sa laser systems.

The laser systems are:

– The photocathode laser used to extract, via photoelectric effect, the electron bunches accelerated in the SPARC Linac.

– The high power laser FLAME used in plasma acceleration experiments and particle generation on solid target experiments.

The Laser Group works on the study, simulation, realization, commissioning and operation of the laser systems and related optical transfer lines including all the optical diagnostics.

The Group is working also on the laser for the high energy photon beam production, via thomson scattering, for the ELI-NP project in Magurele (Romania) and for the STAR project in the University of Calabria in Cosenza.

The Laser Group is contributing to the definition of the parameter of the laser for the new projects of the Frascati Labs.


FLAME Laser: 250 TW Ti:Sa laser system for particle production and plasma acceleration experiments

Conctact person: Andrea Ghigo, andrea.ghigo@lnf.infn.it, tel. (+39) 069403 – 2351